Fitness Elements- New Boot Camp and Zumba

I’m looking for something to compliment my running. I’ve read on multiple sites how running alone is just part of the health picture, I need a well-rounded approach to my health and fitness. Lucky for me there is a new gym that opened up not 50 yards from my work. It’s called Fitness Elements, 44915 Golf Center Pkwy. Today I joined their introductory Boot Camp session and I just can’t seem to walk in a straight line after that. This is the first full kettle bell workout session I’ve had. I was tough; I stuck with 10lb kettle bells… for most of it. This class was a lot of squats and lunges which I am not a fan of but that’s just about what I was looking for to improve my running. I also stuck around for their Zumba class and it was INSANE! Quite possibly the hardest Zumba class I’ve ever had, making it one of the best I’ve ever had. Note to self: male Zumba instructors make for great workouts. I will be going back.

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