Sore Thighs and New Shoes

I am so thoroughly sore from my class at Fitness Elements yesterday I can’t walk in a straight line, my hips do this wobble thing or give out. Sitting down and standing again SUCKS.
I LOVE this feeling! Last night I went to bed with a feeling of accomplishment. Although I enjoy what this soreness means, it still painful and the only way I know how to alleviate it is to exercise more, so I went back to do a double class today. The plan was Zumba and Boot Camp but after Zumba I couldn’t stand my feet, they hurt so much.
I couldn’t put it off any longer, I desperately needed new shoes. I went to Sports Authority and a very nice sales rep named Paul with expert knowledge on shoes helped me pick my new shoes. Right now I go through about a pair of shoes a month; this has been the case for the past year and apparently that’s not normal. As it turns out finding the right shoe is very important. It can make the difference between a good run and a painful one which I am very familiar with by now. Thanks to the helpful Paul in footwear I found shoes for my fitness needs, a shoe for running and one for other workouts (cross trainers).

Lesson of the day: RESPECT THE SHOE
It’s important to have the right shoe for the appropriate occasion. If I’m running, use running shoes, if I’m doing another workout, use cross trainers, any other time, use anything else. Although this sounds like an excuse to go shopping I see the point in this. It helps preserve the shoe by preventing unnecessary wear and subsequently improving my workouts by giving me a comfortable base. There is a useful article on choosing the best running shoe on the Livestrong website.

Now I officially have more athletic shoes than any other type. I feel like this is a good investment on my part. We shall see.

2-13-13 Shoes Mirror

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