Valentine’s Day Workout and a Thought

I was starting to worry that I had seriously hurt myself after the first day of boot camp on Monday at Fitness Elements. It’s been extremely difficult to sit, stand or keep my balance because my thighs are incredibly sore whenever I put any pressure on them. I’m starting to feel a tiny bit better so I figure it’s because I’ve been running the past month with no additional workouts and that I don’t drink enough water. That’s always been a problem. I can go a day drinking no more than a liter of water when I should really be drinking at least 3-4 to have any substantial fat loss. I drank a little over two today and it made a huge difference, lesson learned.

Today was also Valentine’s day and as has been the case the past 20+ years I spent it in singlehood without really acknowledging the holiday, it’s not really a holiday let’s face it. Instead of treats, flowers or any Valentine’s day related activities I did a double class at Fitness Elements, Zumba and Boot Camp. Working out helped alleviate some of the soreness. Treating myself with the gift of self improvement. Yay me!

single taken at the gym

A thought did occur to me today. When it comes to Valentines, there’s a lot of aspects about love and affection that you can attach to this day and people do indeed find creative ways to express love to all kinds of different things: friends, family, significant others, pets, inanimate objects of sorts, etc. I was interested in one thing in particular though, loving one’s self. Now I know that I do love myself, there’s a lot to like: I’m fun, and smart, I have a good sense of humor, I have some talents, I’m easy going, I have a cute face, I’m confident, flirty and I’m.. sexy? As I was thinking this in my mind I really did list sexy with a question mark. So the question for me is: can you be fat and sexy? I don’t know if I have an answer to that, but it’s food for thought. I’ll have to write about it later.

In the meantime: Happy Valentines Day ❤

Excercise does that

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