Please stop eating that cereal

Note to self- It’s ok, you had a bad day. Actually you had a rough week. Work sucked, you didn’t want to go in, bad news here, putting out a fire there, sales not coming in and bills are waiting to get paid. I get it, you want to stress eat. That’s what we do, well really it’s what we DID. This was your second bowl of Lucky Charms and milk, neither of which you’ve eaten in at least 6 months. First thing: you’re going to be hurting later, but that’s ok because it’ll be a reminder that your body wants better food. Second: even though you feel guilty now tomorrow you’re going to get up and run 2  miles because getting lost in your music and letting your body work off frustration is going to feel SO MUCH better than the sugar high those two bowls of cereal just gave you. You’re not starting over, you’re moving forward.

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