Dogs are the best motivators

Should I do the Bump N’ Grind trail today? What about the Cross hike?  I need to do another long run. Maybe I should eat something first. Maybe I can get away with another day off, just the one. If I’m hiking I better get up now. But I’m so warm and toasty in bed!

Morning when you have the option of sleeping in can be some of the toughest to get yourself up and moving. I’ve been talking about the awesome things I’m going to do this morning and come sunup I just want to stay in bed and cuddle with my pillows and my dogs.

Hunter 2-24-13Note to self: One way to get yourself moving is to take your best bud with you on your activities. You might now want to get out of bed but think of how much good it will do your beloved pets to get out in the beautiful morning sun. I didn’t do my long run or go on a hike but I did a 2 mile run. It might not be what I intended to get done but at least I did something good for my heart and that’s a step in the right direction.Additionally I got the reward of seeing a very happy dog tired and pleased to be outside playing with his mama, that gave me immediate gratification.

2 Mile Run- average mile 13:19 Getting closer to that 12 minute mile goal!

“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”

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