Fail Blog- uninspired

Confession: This morning I was packing my gym bag for the afternoon workout and I though “Man, I really don’t feel like going today… I really don’t feel like going tomorrow either.” I was in the kitchen going to make my breakfast and lunch for the day and I got this gross feeling in my throat thinking about the food. I feel tired of the boot camp, not feeling the Zumba, I haven’t ran in days, my sleeping has not been ideal and my eating has been questionable regardless of the effort. Conclusion; today I wish I could just eat whatever the hell I want, do nothing, have more free time to anything other than sweat, be sore, plan my meals, schedule my day around my eating and my workouts, think about my weight and the amount of work I have left to do.

I woke up very uninspired, I haven’t felt like this in a long time. My usual ‘go to’ pick me ups aren’t working…. what to do?

Maybe I should give myself today and do just that, I wonder how guilty I would feel at the end of the day. Or worse, if it’ll get me back on the wrong track.

P.S. This gallon of water a day challenge sucks, I’ve been able to do it the past 3 days but it has not been pleasant.

3 thoughts on “Fail Blog- uninspired

  1. It’ll get better! For me, I know I never really feel like going to the gym (with the exception of Zumba) but I usually feel much better after I do. The end result can seem so impossible, but look back at the progress you’ve made so far and let that drive you rather than dwelling on the food. I know, much easier said than done!

  2. Jos girl. Cut yourself a little slack. Take a mental day. It’s ok to be sick and tired. Recharge your batteries for the day/evening and get going tomorrow. You are on the right path!,

    • This is very true Cate, thanks for the encouragement! Ill tell you something too, being back at Next Level got me all the motivation I could ever want. Will I see you there anytime? 🙂

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