Update: Fail Blog- Reinspired

I had a bad morning. I was grumpy, apathetic and a little overwhelmed. It was an ‘I’d really like a burger and fries for breakfast’ kind of morning (I was this close to going to Jack in the Box) and I did not look forward to my workouts. Lucky for me my friends came to the rescue. I posted my entry this morning and I got this great response from friends encouraging me and giving me advice. I’ll admit, it took a while for their words to sink in and in that time I did eat pizza again. Although I don’t really regret it, I realize that pizza has to settle in somewhere in my body, but I’ll take the consequences and consider it part of my learning process. I tried to make the second half of my day better, I tried to drink as much water as I could, ate clean and I went to Zumba where my awesome instructor made me sweat, smile and shake my hips until I felt a ten times better. Note to self: adding hand weights to your Zumba routine is a great way to intensify your workouts. You sweat like a mad man!

It hasn’t been a great week and today was less than ideal, but I did something about it, and that still counts for something.

This goes to show you that days like this are going to happen, perhaps they are even inevitable. And it’s not because you’re destined to fail, quite the opposite; it’s to help you learn and challenge you to be better. Even mistakes have a purpose, so you can learn from them. At that point mistakes become opportunities, and doesn’t that sound better? A chance to prove that you are better than the obstacles in your path.

To my friends who took a moment of their day to share some encouragement I thank you. Your words made an impact and they will not be taken for granted.

“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

2 thoughts on “Update: Fail Blog- Reinspired

  1. Happy you got passed the wall. We all.have moments where we want to give up. What seperates the ones who fail and those who don’t is the ability to get up even when you do not feel like it. I love your blog. I love the progress you’ve made. You’re a very special woman in my life…even if we never see eachother anymore. 🙂 and that pizza isn’t bad, just remember “everything in moderation”. You rock, Tino.

    • Thank you Charlie! I’ve got you in my heart all the time! Yes I haven’t seen you in fo’evah, but I’ve still got the same love for you. You’re my spirit buddy! 😀

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