Pre 5k training- 4 mile run

I’ve got 5 days to the Women Running Wild 5K so I decided to go on a bit of an extended run, 4 miles. Felt really good! Perfect evening weather, got lost in my music and cleared my head (came up with some great ideas for work). I was concerned about this 5k because I’d only run four times this whole month, everything else has been boot camps and Zumba (all amazing). These workouts helped me a lot thus proving the point that developing your running involves a well-rounded approach to fitness. Now I’m really looking forward to this race. Palm Springs Ruth Hardy Park here I come!

My time is so improved! Absolutely my personal best: 12:50 mile! WHOOP!


Note to self: Music makes a huge difference in my run. I love my workout playlist and I’m always looking to expand it for that future 26.2 mile run *wink wink*. So I’m adding a page with my playlist in the hopes of getting some feedback from my friends out there in the internet. I’d love any suggestions to help build it, let’s share the joy of music!

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