A Woman Running Wild- 5k Time!

Today is the day!

The sun is shinning, Ruth Hardy park is bustling, my shoes are laced and I am ready to RUN! My run starts at 8:15. Time to beat: 45:00

I’m totally feeling good about this, it’ll be my best time yet.

Quick reflection from last night: 3.1 miles might not seem like much, especially when considering my mile time and that I ultimately want to run 26.2 but I’m loving the progress. It took me 7 months from the day I couldn’t do one lap around a small parking lot to the day I ran my first mile nonstop then 3 months to my first 5k this January. It took a long time and progress was slow but I made it happen. This is my third 5k race, one of many and a stepping stone to bigger goals. I’ve had to stop lately to think about that, it helps put perspective on my present results and progress. It takes work to create a milestone and a milestone is best used when gathered to build a monument.

I’ll let you know how I did dear blog!

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