The Delicious Chore of Batching Meals

I am so excited for this week’s batch of meals! I’ve been looking forward to this batch all week. It took me 4:30 hours Saturday evening and cost me $78 to prep and cook 12 meals. That brings my average lunch and dinner cost to $6.50 for food that will take me 3-6 minutes to reheat and add fresh vegetables if I chose.

What is on the menu?

Mustard Chicken- yellow mustard, pepper and Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning blend. It came out pretty spicy.
Butternut Squash
Pearl Onions
Drizzled lightly in EVOO and 21 Seasoning, although I know next time I won’t need any of that; they cook perfectly on their own.
Dinner- Red Turkey on Ratatouille
Red Turkey
Ground Turkey
Red Chard
Red Bell Pepper
Tomato Sauce
Ground Paprika
Ground Mustard
Mexican Squash
Red Bell Pepper

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