Fit in 42 Round 3!

Oh, this is gonna be good!

It’s time to go back in the fold. This Monday I started my third round of Fit in 42. For those unfamiliar, this is an intense 6 week program with the main focus on losing fat an gaining muscle. It follows a pretty strict meal plan that’s mostly detox: cuts out all unnecessary fats, salts, sugars and gluten. Basically you eat lean proteins, lots of vegetables and tons of water.

The first time I did Fit in 42 following the meal plan was the hardest, it was like going through withdrawals. Once I got through it though it was a chance for my body to function without the junk I used to put in it. Afterwards I whenever I snuck in those cookies, chips, soda rice or breads I could tell within 15 minutes how it would effect my body. My sugar would spike and I’d get that dizzy feeling that was too familiar from the days I had to medicate myself to deal with my high blood pressure. It became very useful to know exactly how food effects my body, it slowly but surely meant that I had no excuse to eat that junk except for emotional reasons. Figuring that out when a long way towards understanding how and why I ate.

The meal plan is what helps you lose the fat and the exercise gets you the muscle; and boy are is that exercise intense! Boxing, ropes, jumping jacks, squats, sit ups, push ups, leg lifts, bicycles, rowing, running, burpees, mountain climbers, you name it we do it. We groan and complain but in the end we know why we’re here and we learn to push through. You’d be surprised what your body will learn to do once you push it, I know I did. It became a game to see how far I could push my body. This is where I learned to love running, they got me on the right track.

The instructors are amazing, the best I’ve ever come across. They motivate and challenge us. They show us respect by teaching us to be better versions of ourselves and we come out better for it. I love the Fit in 42 team. I’m really looking forward to this session and the results that will come.

Starting weight: 250

Goal weight: 230

“It takes 21 days to create a habit, so we double that. Give us 42 days and we will change your body.”

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