A Week in Meals

No joke, I’ve been pretty damn good this past week. After that bit of tough love from one of my Fit in 42 trainers I did my best to stay on track. I worked out hard and ate only what I was supposed to at the appropriate times.

We had weigh ins today and all that effort seems to have paid off! Losing 6lbs in a week feels so rewarding, because it was so hard earned. Getting one step closer to my big goals!

It’s pretty clear to me that, at least in my case, workouts will make you stronger, and my body looks better faster, but the weight loss comes from the food I eat. So to give me a reminder to fall back on if I ever feel temptation to eat not so awesome during this program (or ever!) I tried photo-logging in my meals for this very successful week.

Important note: most of these meals took between 8-15 minutes to prepare, all were very filling and they tasted delicious. My routine now consists of preparing the protein- be it meat or chicken, in a batch ahead of time. That red bell pepper tomato soup has also been a great addition to my batched meals. I’ve found that I use my stove only once or twice a week, everything else is raw or steamed in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.

My morning routine usually has me taking 15-20 minutes making my morning shake, mid day protein shakes, and tossing my veggies, protein and beans into a container for lunch. I’m really enjoying the routine. I get to control what I eat without much thought and effort and I have less temptation to snack. Is this really how it’s supposed to work? Because I think I’m getting the hang of it.

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