Infused Water

My weight loss has been a little bit slow, slower than I’d like at least. I had my body fat tested and not surprisingly I’m dehydrated again. This is constant issue with me. I can’t bring myself to drink enough water. Try as I might to force enough water into my system it’s very difficult to muster the will power to drink more than than two liters a day when I should be drinking twice that. Part of the problem is after a while I just don’t like the taste of water. Yes, water has taste don’t try to tell me any different. I don’t particularly like other drinks like soda or coffee, I just drink water. I tried flavoring my water with ‘sugar free’ additives like Mio but that was short lived after I saw what was in Mio, mostly chemicals I can’t pronounce and a sugar substitute that’s 300 times sweeter than natural sugar, that’s just concerning.

So in my continuing efforts to drink more H20 I tried incorporating ‘Infused Water’ into my week. What is infused water? Essentially its taking a fruit, herb or any other item you like the flavor of, put it in water and let osmosis extract some flavor from the fruit/herb into the water.

Tried a couple of new mixes- Lemon & Mint and Strawberry Pineapple.

Things to keep in mind-

-It only takes about 20 minutes for the water to take on flavor

-You can keep the ingredients in a large pitcher to refill for 48 hours before you switch out for another flavor, or the same ones if it strikes your fancy.

Results- The water was pretty yummy. I was surprised how quickly I could taste the flavorings.

Did it make me drink more water? Not really. Although I liked the way it tasted I didn’t find myself drinking more water than normal. So it seems my problem is not so much with flavor, although I do get tired of the same water taste, but more with the habit of drinking anything.

I’ll keep doing infused water to change it up, maybe add some mint, lemon or hibiscus flower to my water bottle to have flavoring each time I refill.

My quest to increase my water intake continues….

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