After a Crazy Week It’s Time to Recover

Tijuana Athletic Training Center

Ooof! What a week I’ve had! Had a work trip out of town that lasted much longer than I anticipated. I was schedule to be at an event for 3 days that turned into 6 so naturally I did not plan accordingly. That lack of planning included exercise and food. The exercise was easy. We were working an event and were housed at the athletic training center in Tijuana, Mexico and the athletic track was at my disposal. So most mornings, come rain or shine, I’d be up and running 2-3 miles before getting ready for work. Lucky for me the training center is impressive which made for a wonderful morning jogs even on rainy mornings.  Although I didn’t really take workout clothes I ended up running in my PJs. Kinda gross but I really didn’t care, running helped clear my head for the long haul of work each day.

The Olympic Training Center hosting the biggest archery event in the Americas. I was so there!

The Olympic Training Center hosting the biggest archery event in the Americas.
I was so there!

cafeteria foodThe food though, that was the real challenge. One would think that an athletic training center would have a healthy selection of foods, especially fruits and vegetables. But I supposed the logistics of feeding over a thousand people each meal can limit the variety. The food choices were heavy in carbs- rice, breads, tortillas, mashed potatoes. The chicken and beef were surprisingly salty and the vegetable choices consisted of cucumber, tomatoes and veggiesiceberg lettuce every day. Now that may sound ok but eating salty chicken with only tomato, cucumber, lettuce and water not only gets old fast but the nutritional value is very limited. My meal plan has me eating every 3-4 hours but between breakfast and dinner work didn’t allow much time for eating and when it did the food was JUNK. We could only eat the food sold at the training center: chips, cookies, nachos, burritos, quesadillas, pizza, etc. Limited food, I didn’t drink enough water and long long days of work did not fair well. Right around day 4 my body crapped out on me and I got the biggest migraine of my life. It took a lot of will power to muscle through the headache, dizziness and nausea of that crazy workday and it left me with what I can only describe as a hangover for the following 2 days. I had a headache the rest of my time and there was no running to be had the remaining days. Overall it was a pretty rough trip.

breakfast smoothieThe event is over and I’m not home yet but I couldn’t wait to start my recovery. First thing I did when I got to my intermediary destination was go grocery shopping then get some sleep! This morning’s breakfast consisted of my favorite smoothie: cucumber, celery, nopal (cactus), spinach, lemon and green apple blended with ice. Nutritious, fiber rich, refreshing and enjoyed in a sunny dining room followed by a late morning jog and lots of water.

Note to Self

I feel a million times better already. I wasn’t concerned about my weight this week, I was most concerned about my health, to feel well and be able to work. Now that I’ve experienced another example of the astounding difference food can have on my body I am more committed than ever to eat clean. I’m looking forward to going home, waking up early for an intense workout, making my morning shakes and packing my healthy lunch and snacks for the day. I think I can fairly say I’m further establishing this new lifestyle. If only because the alternative feels pretty horrible.


when i eat like crap i feel like crap

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