10 Random Facts about Jos

Hey 321pounds.com, did you miss me? Because I missed you. I meant to stop by and post but I’ve had writers block the past few weeks. So instead of practicing my writing skills I just visited your page like an ex driving by your house every night.

I’ve got drafts waiting for editing but rather than leave this page sorely unattended until then I’m opting to put up 10 random facts about yours truly.

Until my muse returns, here you go.

10 random facts about Jos

  1. I’m a Texas Aggie and I have a strong disdain for texas longhorns. We call them t-sips. Now that we moved from the Big 12 Conference to the SEC I don’t know what to do with all this hate. Keep hatin’ I guess. Saw ’em off!
  2. My biggest food weakness is pizza and corndogs. Why can’t it be kale and salmon?!
  3. I broke my wrist when I was 12 years old falling from the roof of my house after I went looking for some nun chucks I accidentally threw up there while playing with them.
  4. When I was little I used to be a bully. I was the biggest girl in my class and when the boys picked on me and my friends I’d be the one to do something, usually *slap*related. That label overshadowed the rest of my elementary school experience, like a snowball effect. It ended when I got to middle school, thank goodness.
  5. I’m bad at most sports. Except archery, I kick ass at archery.
  6. I have this philosophical theory that most people are divided into one of two groups: There are ‘shelters’ and there are ‘key makers’. Shelters are the people that live their life creating a space where others feel safe, cared for and not judged. My mom is a shelter. Key makers, they create environments where there are opportunities, or keys, that they hand to others as a chance to pursue other possibilities. My dad is a key maker. Most people I meet tend to fall into one of these two categories. There’s more to this theory than those few sentences but there’s the gist of it.
  7. I have a collection of beauty marks on my face and neck that I’ve dubbed ‘The Moonrise Constellation’. I think they’re cute.
  8. I was undocumented for a period of time.
  9. One skill I want to develop is the art of storytelling so when I’m all grown I can be an interesting old person.
  10. My full name means ‘flower full of life’

7 thoughts on “10 Random Facts about Jos

  1. I love it. As many times as I have asked your whole name, I never asked its meaning!! I knew you were a boss in archery though. ♥♡ more writing!

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