I’m a Mudder in Training!

Yeah! This girl is now a Mudder in training. Signed up for Tough Mudder in San Diego. November 9, that’s the day I get a huge bucket list item checked off and it’s going to be GLORIOUS!!

I am really excited about this for several reasons. I want to call this a race, but it’s not really a race; it’s more of a test against yourself. It challenges your ‘strength, toughness, and mental grit’ beyond  what you thought you were capable of. That used to intimidate me but now it gets me excited. Now that I’ve had experience pushing myself when I workout I learn what I’m capable of, I don’t fear the pain and I feel like a boss when I’m done. When I finish this thing I’m gonna feel like a total HERO.

Tough Mudder inTraining T

I took their Mudder Readiness test and it does say I am Mudder Ready, but I think that had more to do with the fact that I chose president Roosevelt rather than Taft. I think I’m a ‘Maybe Mudder’ . I don’t feel like I’m ready to do Tough Mudder right now but am giving myself 4 months to train. 

There’s over 25 obstacles but the ones that concern me the most are the upper body challenges like monkey bars, wall climbs and that dreaded half pipe jump Tough Mudder is famous for. Oh and the hole crawl with electroshock because I’m kind of claustrophobic. I probably shouldn’t talk too much about that I’m getting antsy already.

I’m determined to do this though. I WILL COMPLETE THIS COURSE! Even if it… maims me. I’m trying to recruit people to join. I want to make a team. Right now it looks like there are some people from my Fit in 42 program that are interested but if I end up going on my own I don’t mind one bit. As part of my training I’ll also log my workouts on here in large part because I think I’m going to be stepping up the intensity of the workouts and challenges (i.e. I need to train so I can hold myself up across some monkey bars)

I am really excited for this, it’s going to be my biggest challenge yet and I need something to work towards to keep me motivated. 5 months is a good time frame to keep me focused and challenged.  In the meantime I’ve got 31 Reasons Tough Mudder is for Crazy People to keep me motivated as well.

Plus I gotta practice my ‘Oorah!’

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