Workouts Do More Than Make You Ache

Confession: I’ve been bad this week. But this is NOT a ‘Fail Blog‘ post. I noticed that category is getting bigger and bigger. This is a WIN Blog post, because I feel SO GOOD right now!

Yeah I’ve been bad, I’ve gone all week with 45 minutes of physical activity: Zumba on Tuesdays with Carlos. Here’s proof:

Zumba 6-18-1345 mintues and that’s it. Also have not been eating well. My mind’s been wanting to mope and being the compassionate being I am I said “Depressed? Yeah go ahead. You wanna stop going to the gym? Sure why not. Feel like eating your feelings? You know what, have at it” That’s what it felt like anyway.

But enough about that! I said this was a WIN blog. What ended up happening was I got tired of moping so I decided to try salvaging what remained of my week, give exercise a try last minute and made it 5 minutes late to the last class at my gym, kickboxing. And it was FANTASTIC. Sweaty, strenuous, painful and afterwards I felt amazing. All the gloom cleared my head. I just had my first healthy lunch of the week (like I said, I’ve been bad) and it tasted delicious. It was more satisfying than all the junk I’ve eaten this week.

Note to self:

Exercise does more than make you sweat and ache. It reminds you that you’re ALIVE. More than that, it makes you want to live better.

Yeah I had a bad week. I didn’t want to write about it because that’s not what I want to remember. I’m riding this endorphin high and recording on this blog what I want and should remember: When I exercise and eat well I’m doing good by my body, and my body thanks my for it almost immediately.

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