I Feel Good Today

I’m feeling pretty damn good this morning. I had a healthy, active and especially peaceful weekend at home where I got to spend some quite time with myself taking care of my home. Had a fantastic time at my first Zumba master class. I took steps to prep my food for the week. I had a great morning with a good workout and time to enjoy my morning routine. I also had good results at this week’s weigh-in: 3.5 lbs.  I’ve lost 88 pounds as of today.

All reasons to feel great right? I have to make sure I keep a record of today.

WORD COUNT- How I feel:







NOTE TO SELF: Remember when and why you feel good, and hold on to it. What’s been the biggest contributor to all this? I’m making time to take care of myself. It feels good and it feels right. So keep doing it!

Now to expand on my collection of motivational memes.

Until next time.

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