The Injuries Have Arrived

trikkeInjury 1- You see this thing? This is called a Trikke. It’s a fun, novel, three-wheeled, 8-7-13human-powered, scooter-like vehicle. It’s pretty fun to ride and it’s entertaining to watch someone learn to ride one. I fell off this thing yesterday while I was learning to use it. I took a sharp turn and the trikke went out from under me and I went crashing into the ground landing on my left shoulder. Nothing broke or dislocated, thankfully. I have most of my range of motion I just have to mover very very slowly otherwise it will hurt quite a bit. I’m bruised up on my left side but other than that I’m ok.



Injury 2- This might have come up as combination of a bad pedicure aggravated by running, zumba and kickboxing but the end result is two injured right toes that are not allowing me to run or properly participate in some of my favorite activities. Who would have guessed two little appendages would cause me so much grief it would bring my whole body to a stop.

Needless to say I am currently out of commission on my Tough Mudder Training and Zumba work and it’s a big bummer. I was really getting into the morning workouts and having to stop puts a damper on the momentum. I will say I feel like these injuries were inevitable in some way. I’ve been very enthusiastic about my training, going hard at each session and I was feeling daring when I got on that trikke contraption. I figure if it wasn’t this I’d eventually do something foolish with equal enthusiasm and hurt something else, perhaps in a more detrimental way ( i.e. broken body part).

So what happens now? It’s time for some other type of self care. Cold/hot compress, perhaps some medical attention with medicine, physical therapy, good food, lots of water and rest. I’m not losing sight of my goals. I can still follow my meal plan, now it’s even more important to give my body the fuel it needs to repair itself. It’s times like this when I need to remember it’s surprising how quickly my body will respond to being taken care of. I’m already feeling better, I don’t need the arm sling so I anticipate I’ll be good to go by next week, but I won’t rush it.

Note to self: Take care of your body and your body will take care of you. 

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