Sunday- A Day to Reset


Late Saturday night I’m standing in my living room looking at my surroundings. The rooms are clean, the laundry’s done, all the chores taken care of. It’s Saturday night and I am good to go for a Sunday off. My first reaction: ‘What the hell am I going to do with myself now?!’ A slight panic following by intense excitement. ‘I can do whatever I want!’ Today I have the rare freedom to have a day completely off- no work, no travel, and I have the house to myself, a true rarity in my life. I want to make the most of it. So this Sunday I’m taking some time to reset myself for the weeks ahead.

First thing on the list- Exercise. I haven’t had much the past two weeks after I fell of that dreadful contraption called a Trikke and hurt my shoulder. I worked on my Zumba routine and felt like a total noob. Uncoordinated, all over the place and my shoulder still ached. I was very surprised to learn how an injury in a seemingly small area of my body could affect everything.. I had fun though and I sweat, both good things.

Next up- Food I have also been bad at this. For me exercise and eating right go hand in hand. If one falls off the wagon the other is sure to follow. Most often if I stop working out I’ll start to eat badly. I’ve gotten back on the good meal wagon and I’ll be doing some grocery shopping and batching meals today.

Water water everywhere– Still having issues with drinking enough water. I found an article on Livestrong on how to drink a gallon of water a day. Instead of having a gallon jug next to you or forcing a litter of water down in an hour 4 or 5 times a day this breaks down the drinking into 8 ounce glasses scheduled throughout the day. (Two glasses when you wake up, one before breakfast, one with breakfast, three before lunch, etc) I wrote up a schedule on my phone to give me reminders throughout the day and so far I’m two for two on drinking a gallon of water a day. What’s most important is that it doesn’t feel like a chore to drink which means it’s something I can maintain for a longer period of time. I’m  keeping the daily schedule reminders on my phone for the next few days until I feel it’s becoming more natural to drink that often to create a habit.

Lastly- Remember why you’re here. I noticed a correlation between a successful exercise/meal plan execution and the frequency of my writing. The more I write to keep track of my progress or stagnation the more likely I am to continue the routine. I haven’t been writing much lately and I see the corresponding decline in my overall success. It doesn’t have to do with this blog. Keeping my fitness journal up to date with one or two lines of text, a quick update or a record of my workout stats for that session, that  makes a difference. A few minutes of my time to write it down helps. I’m taking a few moments today to review my short, medium and long term fitness goals (since I have all of today free to myself! Whoop!) I like lists, I’ll be making some of those to remember why I’m doing this. I anticipate I’ll share them on this blog by the end of the day.

I’m taking it easy but I’m getting things done. Why can’t we all have more days like this?

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