The Kitchen Problem

We’re getting our kitchen remodeled and I did NOT prepare.

I have no stove, microwave or blender. My food pantry items and tupperware are in stacked boxes mixed with other boxes holding items from my medicine cabinet, dishes, silverware drawer and general miscellaneous kitchen tchotchkes you throw in a drawer.

I didn’t pre-prep my meals, or snacks. I don’t even have a sink to wash my food or utensils. (Now that I think about it, unappetizing as it may sound I could use the bathroom sink.)

It’ completely throwing off my meal plan because when cooking my own food proves to be difficult or I need to invest more time than my usual routine allows the tendency is to find convenient alternatives with a) don’t fit my meal plan and/or b) don’t fit my budget. Plus I eat with my eyes and the food I buy prepackaged or prepped at a store just doesn’t look as pretty as the one make myself. In part because I enjoy to process of making it.

I miss pretty food.

I miss pretty food.

So it’s a bit of a setback. This interruption has gone on for a few days and is estimated to run another week or so. Until then I need to find out how I can avoid the convenient, cheap, junky-type food, fast food, expensive healthy foods and the like.

On the plus side, my kitchen is going to look SWEET when it’s finished.

Until next time,

cheating yourself




The kitchen problem has been SOLVED! And my new kitchen looks pretty damn amazing.


Now I have no excuses and I’m like: damn I have no excuses.

Did I mention I have a toothache? …drink more smoothies huh? Yeah that makes sense. Damn…. ok

A moment of self talk:

Josa you have a Tough Mudder to tackle, get your act together. 


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