San Diego Asian Market

I had a fantastic weekend visiting a friend in San Diego. First of all San Diego is GORGEOUS. Beautiful and eclectic with ocean views that give California it’s well deserved golden reputation.

My friend had a great idea to explore an Asian market she’d been curious to check out. What a great idea that turned out to be. Now I’m used to the local grocery stores which I will say tend to cater to the Hispanic community at home. This place did the same and I realized how much there is to explore with food.

Following the rule of thumb when shopping on a meal plan you want to avoid the middle isles, that’s where most of the processed foods are. That was fine by me because I really didn’t know what 90% of the packaging said since it was written in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and the like. Brief observation: it was incredible walking down an isle solely dedicated to noodles. SO MANY DIFFERENT NOODLES!

Anyway, back to the shopping. I got pretty excited looking at fruits and vegetables I’d never tried before. I was especially drawn to the variety of mushrooms on display. I’d only really seen the button or shitake mushrooms. I couldn’t decide but went with every variety I came across. There was so much to chose from but little time and since it was all new I couldn’t take too much. So I went with those exotic items I’d heard so I could still identify and have an idea of what to do with: mushrooms, starfruit, dragon fruit, rambutan and duku. Also indulged in some interesting new items such as seasoned anchovies, I thought they might be a strong spicy taste I could even out with some mild fresh tasting fruit or veggetable or some seed and nut mix for more crunch. Speaking of which I also picked up a seasoned nut blend which wasn’t so much sweet or salty but it had a mild thick slightly tangy sauce that tasted like the oils from the nuts. I don’t know what was in it but I liked it. There was this cheat treat I picked up, some chia and flax seed clusters which weren’t asian but were DELICIOUS and I wish I’d bought more.

I’m looking forward to tasting all of these to see how they would go best. I loved these marketplaces, I’d love to go back and try those fruits and vegetables I couldn’t even identify.

Until next time.

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