Training Update- Duathlon & Doubling Up

The Duathlon del Sol is this Sunday and I’ll be perfectly honest I don’t know how I’m going to do. Turns out cycling might not be my thing. I don’t particularly enjoy the transition from biking to running. I actually stopped the run/bike/run training schedule in favor of going back to kickboxing and boot camp classes at my gym. I don’t know whether that will be a good or bad thing. I did that because I had a hard time training on my own. Getting myself to wake up and do the runs and bike rides did not turn out well. I slept in a lot and started eating badly. So I figured if I go back to the morning workouts at least I’m moving my body and I’ll get motivated to stay on track with my meal plan.

I also decided to double up on my boot camp classes in an effort to step up my training for the big event I’m training for, Tough Mudder. Two classes, back to back, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday was my first double class and I felt it by that afternoon. My thighs, shoulders and back are pretty sore. I don’t exactly look forward to two hours of boot camp, but I want to stick with it and see what kind of results I get. First day I burned just over 1,000 calories so as sore as I may be I am pleased enough with that to keep me going. In the meantime to offset the soreness I’ll stick to the prescribed remedies: ibuprofen, icy hot, stick to the meal plan and protein drink schedule, and water, water water.

Monday, Wednesday Friday- Double Boot Camps

Tuesday, Thursday- Kickboxing

Saturday or Sunday- fun activity like run, swim, bike, hike or play a sport (I like volleyball I should look for that around here)

I plan for this to be my training schedule until Tough Mudder. After that I’m really leaning towards signing up for a half marathon in early December. I think that will require another training schedule entirely. I’ll have to talk to one of my trainers.

So that is what’s going on with Jos so far. It feels good.

Until next time.

push yourself

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