Zumba Glow- Community Fun

A QUICK NOTE ON COMMUNITY: My local recreation district hosted an event to start off the October Halloween festivities: Zumba Glow. Turn off the office lights, shake up some glow sticks, plug in the disco lights, turn on the music and let the party begin!

I really enjoyed going to this Zumba session. The mood was festive, the music was fun, people were moving. Best of all I saw people dancing that I normally don’t see in Zumba. The common profile of a Zumba class is young women to middle aged ladies. That is all well and good but in this class peppered among the ladies who love to shake it as much as I do were men, seniors, children, a few toddlers and some youngsters with special needs, who brought the most enthusiasm to the class.

Watching this mix of people moving their feet, shaking their hips and cheering each other on was so pleasing. It was an example of the good organizations like a recreation district can bring to a community. People were active, they were happy and they came together when they otherwise might not have. I loved it, it really made me happy to see these strangers in one place having fun. I had fun, and I’m looking forward to the next event.

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