Duathlon, Biathlon :: Tomato, Tomāto- Pregame Musings

Feeling a little restless for tomorrow so I thought it would be good to jot down what’s on my mind to help me sleep.
– I’ve been calling this thing I’m doing a duathlon because to me that was the correct translation of the event name from Spanish. (This thing is being held in Mexicali, Baja California) Just for this post I did a spell check only to find out Google says it’s called a Biathlon. WHY hasn’t anyone corrected me?? What else haven’t I been told? So which is it? …Maybe no one really know or cares.
-10 hours to my first biathlon. I’m starting to feel that nervous excitement setting into my stomach.
-I have no freaking idea what to expect tomorrow.
-I’m starting to have those ‘will the other racers think me uncool with my rusty bike and camelpak’ thoughts. It’s kind of similar to that feeling I’d get one the night before the first day of school.
-Wake up on time, wake up on time, PLEASE wake up on time.
-Do I have everything? Bike, helmet, clothes, water, towel, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, event number, gloves, energy gels, pump, ID, registration… I’ll have to do a post-race review of what I might need at the next race.
-I don’t want to finish first, I don’t care if I finish last, all I want is to 1) finish 2) sustain no injuries
-I’m there for the experience, to push myself a little more and to have a good time.
-This event is a stepping stone in on the road to Tough Mudder, and the bigger goal of living a healthier life.
-Stuff like this is what makes me feel alive.

Enjoy tomorrow and remember:

If it fires you up, you gotta let it shine.

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