Mari on Loving Yourself

I came across a wonderful post from a friend that I wanted to share. Her name is Mari, she’s a sorority sister of mine (Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority, Inc.).

Mari wrote:

“True story: I strongly believe women are beautiful regardless of their shape and size. But what makes them extra beautiful is their personality, their drive, their motivation and self confidence. I’m not a shy person and I have a strong loving character but I feel as though I should share something with you. When you are ready to make that change in your life go at it full force, no regrets but with ultimate desire to reach your goal. Taking control of one’s life is the best thing one can do for themselves. About a month ago a “nobody” told me he would date me if I was thinner. In response I said, well in all honesty I wouldn’t date you; you lack MANY characteristics of a gentleman, thank you goodbye. It did hurt for a second but I thought of all those other women who may not be as tough as me. So this is my reminder to you lovely ladies – love doesn’t see one’s size or body shape – it sees your heart.”

Women like Mari are far too few. Women that recognize their value and strength of character. They love who they are and as such don’t let other’s expectations dictate their worth. They encourage others to embrace any change to their lives as their own, not for others. We need more women like Mari who are a model of self appreciation and an encouraging presence. 

Mari is a motivational speaker, she has a wonderful facebook page I encourage everyone to check out: Mari De Leon Associates

Thanks Mari for exemplifying the adage 

a good woman

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