Archery and a Last Minute Trip to the Olympic Training Center

Not to brag but I’m going to spend a week at the US Olympic Training Center.

For those of you who may not know me a big part of my identity is based in the sport of archery. I’ve been involved in archery in one way or another for over 20 years as an archer, coach, sales, event organizer and

speaker. A last minute opportunity opened up to participate in an archery coaching certification course. I got the call two days ago and my family, great as they are, helped make it possible for me to drop everything for a week to take this course. I’m looking forward to the course but what I’ve been secretly excited about was the possibility of using some of their facilities. I’ve got running shoes packed and if I can even take an early morning jog around the place I’ll l’ll add that patch to my ‘athlete’ badge with pride. A little confession: I actually stepped out of an archery tournament this weekend (Duel in the Desert) so I could pack and have everything ready to go. This would be the second time in 21 years that I haven’t finished an archery tournament but just this once I feel it justified considering it’s for another archery related cause.

I’ll be on my way in just a few minutes. I’m looking forward to everything I’m going to learn about the sport and I’m sure I’ll find things I can apply to my own health and training.

Until next time.

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