My Prom Dress and the Healthy New Me

My sister found my old prom dress this past week. This was the same dress from ten years ago that was sewn out of a bridesmaid’s dress pattern I had custom made because I was too embarrassed to even consider shopping for it at a clothing store. I was a jeans, t-shirt and year-round sweater wearer at the time. I wasn’t even at my heaviest at that point but it sure felt like it. This gold ensemble was also paired with a long black cape for my prom; partly out of a misunderstood notion that I had to match the ‘Fairy Wonderland’ theme of prom. Seriously, what a stupid prom theme.

Anyway, almost anyone who finds an old outfit that marks a meaningful life event tends to follow the impulse to try it on, so I did and here are the results:

Prom Dress 321pounds

As you can see this dress is a little on the loose side now. I remember this dress very well and how snug it felt when I wore it particularly around the arms, I didn’t have much movement. You can kind of get an idea of my size when I was a teen and perhaps it’ll illustrate why I felt the need to hide under sweaters (and capes) throughout high school.

Ten years, that sounds like a long time ago. I suppose that should make me feel old but really it doesn’t. I’ve said it many times; I think I’m one of few people nowadays who actually enjoys getting older. I used to be into astrology a lot as a kid and reading about my sign, Sagittarius (The Archer *wink wink*),  I understood that I was a late bloomer. Like the fall season there are a lot of good things that can come when the year’s racked up some some days. Same with me, with age and experience I’ve grown into a more comfortable version of me.

It also shows me that right now I’m in the best shape of my life and that is a great feeling. In part because I earned the body I have now and also because I still feel the motivation to do so much better.

It was a great find sis, thanks.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “My Prom Dress and the Healthy New Me

  1. I was going to ask about the cape. I remember prom like it was yesterday. I wasn’t comfortable in my dress and shopping was horrifying.

    you have come such a long way, Jos. You are incredible and I have begun my healthy switch too. Its all your fault. Keep going,girl! You are simply amazing.

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