Vegas Vacation- A Little Urban Jogging

You know what’s so great about Las Vegas? It’s so bright and sparkly any time of the day.
The family and I headed out here for a little vacation. One of the things I looked forward to the most was this morning’s jog along the famous Las Vegas Strip
NOTE TO SELF: when it comes to jogging along the strip you can’t measure your distance and time in miles. Your best reference will be to measure in BRIDGES. To get across intersections you gave to take pedestrian bridges connecting hotels, which means winding walkways and climbing a lot of stairs.
I’m as much a fan of stairs as the next thick/curvy/hearty person. And since I live in a valley where there are few two-story buildings or taller, I’m about as used to running up stairs as I am with spelunking; that is, not a lot.
In any case it made for an interesting jog. It made it kind of an interval session, because those stairs definitely upped my heart rate.
Additionally the scenery was a welcome change from home. As can be expected The Strip is light on pedestrians at 6am so I could enjoy an unimpeded view of all the views had to offer. Lots and lots of flashy lights advertising to relatively quiet streets.


It was nice to see Vegas from a new point of view, that of a jogger and an early riser.
It also works as a reminder to keep my health in check. Breakfast will be at a buffet at the Luxor Hotel. Gotta make smart choices!

Until next time!

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