Tough Mudder Junkie- I’m giving it another go!

This girl is registered for Tough Mudder. I got the jump on it as soon as registration opened. I just can’t help myself. I LOVE Tough Mudder. It was the most physically and mentally challenging event I’ve ever done and I am determined to get better at it. Last year my point of pride was that I actually finished the thing without injury. This year the goal is three-fold:

1- Beat my previous time by 1 hour. Goal time: 3 hours 31 minutes. It’s a great opportunity to train like crazy. BRING IT!

2- Have a team of three or more. The goal of Tough Mudder is to test your overal stregth, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie.  I have a team made: Team Death Brigade, has a Tough Mudder ring to it right? So far I have two people interested but I won’t count this checked off until I see them registered.

3-Fund raise for the Wounded Warrior Project. I love the charitable aspect of events like this. Whether it be a 5k, a marathon or mud runs. Tough Mudder already partners with the Wounded Warrior Project but we get the opportunity to do our own fundraisers. I have to do some brainstorming on how I’ll do this but I definitely want to maximize my impact on Tough Mudder.

TM has become one of the highlights of my year. I feel like it’ll be up there with my birthday and Christmas, I just can’t miss it. I am stocked to plan, train and get to it!

The countdown begins…

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