The Dream & The Run

Injuries and Excuses– I’ve been dealing with an Achilles heel injury for 6 weeks now. It’s not terrible, I can do pretty much anything I want with the big exception of any jumping motions and no running. It’s been a long 6 weeks, I miss running. There’s something about it that makes me feel more balanced and athletic. Modifying my workouts to exclude running and jumping feels like I’m slacking off. I’ve been trying to make February a healthy month by balancing my workouts with a good diet and I’ve been pretty pathetic at it. I haven’t lost any weight I gained over the holidays.

A Dream is a Warning–  I had a weird dream last night. I was at my gym and my class was full of people didn’t know but they seemed to have been there a lot more than me, they knew their way around the gym. We started the class but there was no room for me and while the rest of the class got started I was shuffling around trying to squeeze in anywhere I could. Once I found my little corner the class was in full swing with their routine while I could hardly figure out how to use the equipment. Out of nowhere this wave of mud crashed through the gym and swallowed us up and washed us out to this field where a mud run was taking place; I presumed it was Tough Mudder. I didn’t know where I was, not registered, no number, I was just muddy and I was late, so started running. I kept moving, trying to catch up and fell into a quick sand pit that turned hard when it got up to my chest. Here I am struggling to wrangle myself out of this sand pit, when I look up I find myself covered in this wood box I have to climb out of. Somehow I manage to do both. Muddy and exhausted I come across this canteen of water and right as I bring it up to my lips I wake up. I woke up very thirsty and with my sheets tangled around my legs.

Breaking the Running Fast–  After some reflection I took this dream to mean my mind is telling me if I don’t get my ass in gear I’m going to be playing catch up with my fitness goals and before I know it I’ll have the big events I want to do around the corner and I won’t be prepared. I did not like the feeling I had when I woke up. I needed to break that vibe and fast. So I laced up my shoes and went for a run. After 6 weeks I wanted to test how my heel was doing. I kept it easy; “let’s see how I do with two miles.” I managed to run a mile and a half before I felt my heel aching and my hip starting to feel some pain. I walked about a quarter mile and ran the home stretch. It felt so good. I missed running. Feeling my heart in my chest and my lungs working was exactly what I needed to clear my head. That clear, controlled feeling is that brings me back to running. I’m not sure what I need to do with my heel but it has to get better. Now that I’ve seen I can do short distances without pain, I think I’ll start incorporating runs back into the classes at my gym or evening walk/jogs. I don’t care what I do but I have to start running again.

I don’t want to regret anything this year and I have to be mindful that it takes dedication and discipline to push myself AND to care for my body. Even if I don’t consciously know it seems like my subconscious is all over that fact.

Until next time,

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