May Mile A Day Challenge

So it is decided, this month’s challenge will be to fit a 1 mile run every day this month. I say ‘run’ tentatively because this could prove to be a challenge for me or anyone interested in participating along. The goal is to fit in 1 mile of any kind of moving: run, jog, speed walk, hike, stroll, crawl if you must. The point is, you’re moving.

If you’re not a fan of treadmills to track the mileage (which I’m not) there’s plenty of phone apps that will take care of tracking while taking a neighborhood walk. I’ll be using my Charity Miles app whenever I’m out. If you’re not familiar with Charity Miles take a look, they offer a great way to fundraise for a charity just by running or biking.

I did my first jog today and here are the results. There is plenty of room for improvement.  I’ve always been a slow runner and I took a few months off of any extended jogging because of my heel and now it looks like I’m back to square one. Good news is, I know I can do much better. What’s the point? A mile a day may sound like a small goal for some but to me it’s not just about racking up the mileage. It’s about the quality of my runs. I worked my way to a mile a shade over 10 minutes and I want to get back to that and better. If the push up challenge proved anything is when there is practice there is always improvement. So join me internet friends, so we can all proudly say “I ran 31 miles this month.” Not everyone can say that.

If you’re a social media junkie like me use the #mileaday hashtag so we can cheer each other on! Let’s do it!

Here we go, I’m about to annoy my Facebook friends with treadmill pics and sidewalk photos for the next 31 days. Sorry and enjoy!



Starting stats for my mile run. Slow and steady but needs to be better.


Until next time,

AN UPDATE: two and a half weeks into this challenge and I am sad to say I had to stop running a mile a day. My Achilles heel injury crept back. This created a type of degenerative cycle where the running hurt my heel which made my workouts less intense because I was measuring myself to avoid aggravating it which then led to a decline in stamina that led to running that further aggravated my heel. I managed to fit in 14 miles before I had to stop, so I’m happy about that. I’m firmly secure that this heel will always bother me so I better find ways to work with it rather than ignore. More updates to come.

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