Kabocha Squash!


I discovered this new veggie at the supermarket that I’ve really enjoyed.  It’s a kabocha squash and it is delicious!


Turns our Kabocha squash is a hidden treasure of nutrients and flavor. In one cup you get 40 calories, 7 grams of carbs it’s packed with fiber, vitamins B and C and about 70% of your daily content of Vitamin A. Practically I’ll this this little guy is edible, including the skin.
My favorite discovery by fast was the flavor! Just 4 minutes if steaming or microwaving renders this seemingly stone-like pumpkin into a tender veggie with a soft texture and taste I can only compare to a potato. It tastes like a semi sweet potato! Turns out this Japanese winter squash might be the bright orange veggie I’ve been confusing for sweet potato in tempura dishes at sushi restaurants.
Kovach a is pretty versatile and it tastes great in all its renditions. Just a quick cook in the microwave releases that sweet nutty flavor. Roasting it is just about the best thing I’ve tasted. I’ve added it as a thickener to soup (steam, mash and mix) and it adds a fantastic texture and flavor with little to no additional seasoning. Plus it’s super easy to work with when preparing my lunches in my usually rushed mornings: cut a quarter piece, put in ziploc back for microwave steaming at the office, pop in lunch bag and done.
I’m loving this little pumpkin and since it’s in season I’m finding it at almost every grocery store next to the acorn and butternut squashes I frequent. I’ll be enjoying it while it’s still available before it disappears on me as mysteriously as it appeared in the produce isle.

Until next time!

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