Kicking Up My Patty Game

I can appreciate the convenience of ground beef, ground turkey, ground just about any protein product. I can’t say I like it much though. Something about the texture that didn’t sit well with me, it tasted like old meat for some reason.

Until I found an amazing seasoning called FlavorGod. It’s this delicious low sodium, no MSG, vegan and paleo friendly seasoning that blows Mr. Dash right out of the water with it’s flavor and value. I discovered it on instagram, their food posts caught my eye. I ordered a seasoning pack and haven’t looked back. It’s made everything taste amazing including ground beef.

I heard somewhere that fine cooking is not about skill but about finding the freshest ingredients and the proper application of heat. That leads to fairly simple cooking that yields amazing results. I followed that saying and it didn’t steer me wrong.

Ground beef/turkey/chicken/bison patties

1lb extra lean ground beef

1/2 head of fresh garlic

1 small bunch of fresh cilantro

2tbsp chopped dried New Mexico chile peppers

FlavorGod Everything Spicy seasoning (2-3 tbsp)

Olive Oil

Mix ingredients in a glass bowl, separate and form into patties about the size if your palm or a deck of cards (isn’t that the comparison nutritionists make to a serving of meat?) grill in nonstick pan. Serve with just about anything. Easy, portable, packed with good stuff.

Clean eating tastes so good!



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