Quick Dried Chile Salsa

Walking around my local grocery store I see a special for dried Mexican chiles. I’m assuming they were on special because not many people in this midwestern town know how to work with such an ingredient. In any case I took a bag home to see what I could do with it.

The first thing I noticed about these chiles is how fragrant they were. Quick tip about chiles: not all chiles are spicy and you can actually smell if they are hot (picante, hay caramba! You get me?). The fiery odor of a spicy chile will sting your nose; these chiles didn’t have that. Instead they had another spicy aroma, it was fragrant, rich and kind of nutty. These New Mexico Dried Chile pods which turned out to yield a DELICIOUS salsa that added a rich flavor to every dish. And it was very easy to make. With a good chile all you really need are small additives to bring out the taste.

Dried Chile Salsa

4 New Mexico dried chile pods

4oz cooked chile broth

2 tbsp garlic

Salt to taste (about .5 tsp)

Cook chiles in boiling water. Place chiles and some of the broth in a blender. Add garlic and salt. Blend until smooth. PUT ON EVERYTHING!

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