Yankton’s Meridian Pedestrian Bridge

Yankton, South Dakota. It’s an unassuming city in the midwest that has a lot of the charm of small-town living. It’s not crowded, traffic is fine, it feels safe, quite, people are nice, everything is less than a 10 minute drive and it’s next to the Missouri river which gives way to pictorial landscapes. I’ve found since I moved here there’s lots to like about this place.

This morning my dog an I took a long walk to the river to see anything that caught our fancy, and boy did it. Just a 15 minute walk from home is the Yankton Meridian Bridge, built in 1924 it used to be the main traffic bridge connecting Yankton South Dakota to Cedar County Nebraska over the Missouri River. In 2011 it was converted into a pedestrian walking/biking bridge. It has a lower and upper deck that gives walking enthusiasts about 3 miles worth of strolling.

I must say it was beautiful walking over the Missouri River. Even clinging on the it’s winter look, with amber grass and ice still present in some places, the river and surrounding flora look beautiful. The architecture of the bridge is elegant in it’s own way. Walking between be symmetrical lines surrounding you is visually pleasing. You can even see some have taken it upon themselves to start a ‘Love Lock’ tradition similar to Paris’ Love Lock Bridge. The panoramic views of the river with Nebraska and South Dakota landscapes on each side are beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing it in the spring and summer.

Today it made for a great walk and charming scenery.

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