Gross Smoothies- A Cautionary Tale

Turns out there are certain things you just shouldn’t put in a smoothie.

I did hear say that you could put just about anything in a blender that could be eaten raw, liquify and consume. I suppose you could if you are not very picky about texture, which I have found many people are. Well, I’m not one of those people. I’ve blended just about every vegetable, fruit and protein additive mix and had edible results. That is, until today. My favorite mix of kale, green apple and blueberry had an added mix of coconut milk which yielded a frothy mixture which solidified into a mouse-like impenetrable layered cake. I could hold this thing upside down watch the liquid at the bottom trickle down the side of the container. It was pretty gross.

In conclusion, the coconut milk is out of the questions in my smoothies and pretty much out of my fridge because it doesn’t come close to the taste of coconut water OR milk. It’s milky juice basically and I’m not having it.

The smoothie experiment continues.

just keep trying


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