About Jos

Hi there!

First of all, welcome! Second, thank you for checking out this page. Just in case you’re not too familiar with me let me say: Hello, my name is Josahan and I’m trying to lose a whole bunch of weight. I’m what doctor’s call morbidly obese, some people will call it fat, overweight or kinder souls will lovingly refer to me as a big girl or extra curvy. Whatever the name, it’s been wreaking havoc on my health for a while now and I really need to do something about it.
This blog is a chronicle of my weight loss, it’s job is to keep me actively working on this round-the-clock project and motivate me to focus on the end goal when the immediate gratification of bad habits become too tempting. I’m hoping I can reach out to people who share a mutual experience and expand my knowledge base through an online community.

I’ve got more to say. If you’d like to learn more about me I’ve got it all outlined here for you.

Why a blog?

How I gained it.

Breaking point.

The Team at Fit in 42- Changing Lives

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8 thoughts on “About Jos

  1. hey lady. just got caught up on your blog and i love what you’re doing! so proud of you mama. nothing is better than taking charge of your life, and the world needs your lovely smile to shine its brightest. so happy for you, and looking forward to sharing your journey. love, dani.

    • Dani did I ever tell you how much I enjoyed getting this note from you?
      Well, apparently not but still, to this day it makes me smile. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (thanking you with interest)

    • WOAH! How cool my first blogger award. Thank you Elaine, you made my feel pretty awesome. Congrats on your own 🙂 I’ll put up a post in the next day or so. Hope you’re doing well. Looking forward to your next post!

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