Mile Markers and Milestones

Mile Markers

In order to keep track of my progress I’ve got a collection of  achievements that I want to log.

“This mile marker is farther than some people will ever reach.”

Sunday 11-4-12- Ran my first mile nonstop- total time 15:45

Sunday 12-23-12- Ran 2 miles nonstop- total time 30:22, average mile 15:11

and the running didn’t stop!

Saturday 1-26-13- Palm Desert Charter Panther 5K. My very first 5K! Thank you to my friend Tara for doing jumping into this with me. She was amazing herself.  Total time 45:22, average mile 15:07

Saturday 2-2-13- The Color Run L.A.- Tara and my dearest cousin Alexis were my running buddies. The most fun I’ve had running yet!

Saturday 2-9-13- My first 5 mile run- it was rough but my best attempt at endurance yet. Total time 1:13:52, average mile 14:42

Sunday 3-24-13- Women Running Wild 5k- Total time 39:12, average mile 12.38

Sunday 7-21-13- Hot Buns Run Virtual 5k- Total time 40:20, average mile 13:00

Sunday 10-13-13- Duatlon de Sol- 3k Run/15k Bike/3k Run- Total Time 1:59:12

Friday 11-1-13- Run with Los Muertos 5k- Total time 35:17, average mile 11:22

Current mile time personal best: 15:45 15:11 14:42 12:38 11:22

With a project like this I gotta use every tool I have available to me. To help me track my food I’m using this awesome app called MyFitnessPal. It’s an excellent app and it has this cool widget to track my progress. Seeing the numbers is a huge motivator so I’d like to share that as well.

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Weight Loss Tools

This list will grow. More to come!

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When I was in college my archery coach noticed that I was loosing a little bit of weight and he congratulated me by giving me some sage advice I carry with me to this day.

“Don’t complete a goal before setting another one.”

Run 1 mile nonstop- CHECK!

Run a 5K- CHECK!

Run For Your Lives!- A zombie infested 5K. Yes please.

Run a 10k- I want to do this by mid 2013 so I can start training for a half marathon next year. Possible Candidates include the Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Run or the Idyllwild 10K Run

Run Tough Mudder- I WANT TO DO THIS SO BAD! “Probably the toughest event on the planet.”

Run a Half Marathon- Possible candidates:  Palm Springs Half Marathon, Long Beach International Half Marathon, Hollywood Half Marathon

Run a Marathon- This is the big buck on my bucket list. I want to go big on this one. Possible candidates: Marine Corps Marathon, L.A. Marathon, Rock ‘n Roll San Diego Marathon, Walt Disney World Marathon.

I’m pretty sure I’m going for the Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington, VA… Sunday, October 26, 2014

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