Eat or Workout- Choices Choices

AN HONEST MOMENT: Today I hate working out.
I’m in the locker room at my local gym and I’m seriously debating the merits of fighting for a treadmill or weights in a crowded gym. The whole process of getting dressed and trying to make the most of my gym time is not motivation right now.
I could try to workout or I could go home and have dinner. Workout or eat, workout or eeaat, work…out… or eeeaaat. Can you tell what I’d rather do?
I’m here already so might as well carve out some space for myself here and see what comes of it; although I’m not terribly enthused by the idea. But getting here is half the work so anything I do counts towards something.
We shall see when I’m done.

To be continued…

Continued: finished a couple of miles on the treadmill and the tail end of a Zumba class. Can’t say I killed it but I did something which is not disappointment. I need to reflect on this and figure out what’s going on…

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