Fit in 42- Changing Lives

After that whole hospital incident I wandered through the wilderness in search of my new healthy life. I tried a couple of things. First on the list: vegetarianism. That lasted a couple of months and my family was pretty supportive. I treated it as a learn-as-you-go process. As always, the ubiquitous internet played an important role in this endeavor. I even tried going Vegan for a few weeks but being vegan meant I was just cranky ALL THE TIME. At this time I was in a leadership program and that is where I met Tonita, who became one of my mentors and biggest cheerleader.

Eventually I came across a wonderful woman named Tonita who introduced me to Fit in 42. She told me “Mija, this will be the best decision you make in your life.” How right she was. In April of 2012 I went to Next Level Fitness Gym and signed up for my first session of Fit in 42. All I remember about my first workout was that it was called “The Ring of Fire” and I got dizzy, hyperventilated and wanted to throw up halfway through, it was awful. I probably wouldn’t have gotten back if I hadn’t started paying for it already. The workouts are intense, it took two weeks before I could move normally. It was more work than I’d put into anything in years but my first week I lost 3 pounds, which is more than I’d lost in the previous 5 months. We had intense workouts 6 days a week and a strict diet. There were two reasons I kept going back. First, the trainers there are truly amazing. I had never met people that were so dedicated to the success of the people there. They had a seemingly endless supply of enthusiasm that was so infectious. Second, the people in the program with me were so inspirational. We were on the same boat with similar goals. They brought an energy to each class, we became this close knit support group that I haven’t found anywhere since. I did two rounds of Fit in 42 with their Fit Camp, it was the most intense 20 weeks of my life. The program provided structure I needed to build good habits that I use to this day. The biggest gift they gave me was the habit of exercising. They completely changed my aversion to exercise and taught me how to eat.

This is a note to anyone else reading: If you are looking for a place to jump start a fitness or weight loss program Fit in 42 is by far the best place to help you. They offer programs in several cities, if they have one near you CHECK THEM OUT.

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