You don’t really need a ‘cheat meal’

Note to self: That ‘cheat meal’ that you reward yourself every once and a while is NOT instantly redeemable whenever the mood strikes. When friends or family say that ‘it’s ok to take a day off’ or ‘reward yourself’ it’s not a free pass. It’s also important to note that they are not trying to sabotage you. When they say that it means they notice how much you work and they know in their own way how hard this is for you. Take it as a compliment that they believe you deserve to indulge, politely acknowledge their intent, drink a glass of water and grab yourself the meal your supposed to have. In that discipline lies the reward.

4 thoughts on “You don’t really need a ‘cheat meal’

  1. I TOTALLY agree!

    I was recently doing the 4hour body program and had to stop because of the “cheat day”. All week my diet was very strict and contained NO sugar or fruit but on Saturdays I could have ANYTHING I wanted. My “anything” consisted of doughnuts, Chinese Food and Mc Donald’s. The trouble came with the following day, after a complete sugar overload all you body does is crave more sugar. It was extremely difficult to quit cold turkey and get back on track Sunday. I started to look at it like an addiction, it would be like giving a heroin addict drugs only once a week and asking him/her to survive. I finally decided that it was not for me and I’m now taking a more balanced approach sans the cheat day. So far I have had a great success with my new program 🙂

    On a side note: I really love your blog and you and I have many similar interests, I look forward to following your journey!

    • Christie, thanks for your comment. I see your point about food as an addiction, that’s been my experience as well. It’s best just to steer clear of all the temptations that will get you off track. It’s really tough for the brain to turn off that craving once it’s been triggered. It’s good to hear there’s a program that you’ve found that works.
      I’m so happy someone found my blog! I’m enjoying yours too, those food posts look delicious! I’ll be following your experiences as well, we can count each other in our respective support group 🙂

  2. Hey sis! Just wanted to de-lurk and say Go Jos Go! (I however, could not survive without allowing a little something sweet on a daily. Key word is little. My brain is just wired for chocolate.)

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