Let the Little Things Carry You Through

Hey blog, how are you my darling? I hope the internet has been treating you well. Except for my phone being hacked I guess things are cool. I posted an entry a few days ago that was tough to write. Really I’d been working on it for over a week, trying to find the right words. It was a cumbersome getting through it, all the phrasing felt wrong, it was uncomfortable working on it and it took days for me to bring myself up to post it. I let myself be vulnerable, but I did it, its out there and I don’t feel so bad about it.

Now that I put this big nasty thing called shame out there for the world to read; maybe I should take some time to recover from this vulnerability hangover I’m having.

NOTE TO SELF: You don’t have to be a turn your life around in one sitting to get yourself back on track.

Sometimes all it takes is a long walk with your dog where you can clear your head and in that time where you’re outside with the world you get to think about the things that make you happy again.

dog walk

Sometimes all it takes is easing your way back to something that made you smile even for a few seconds to remind you that things don’t have to feel bad.


And when you want to make the bad food choices give yourself a chance to taste the good ones first and see how much better they make you feel all over.

Let the little things carry you through the day to keep you from falling. Let them hold you up so you can stand, and eventually you’ll start taking steps forward.

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