Does this outfit make my butt look small?

Can I be candid?

I haven’t been losing weight but I have noticed my body is looking different. I’m going to take an optimistic guess and say that I’m gaining some muscle and definition, my body’s getting smaller in places and stronger overall which would be very cool.

The downside of reshaping is you don’t really control what gets re-sized. Case in point I’ve noticed my derriere is getting smaller. That might not be so bad except my butt is a point of pride for me. Of all the pros and cons of being a bigger girl I actually enjoyed my outstanding posterior, now it’s not holding up my pants like it used to.

In any case I suppose the goal is the same, getting a shape that’s more proportionate to my body and building muscle to help me do more of these races that I’m enjoying so much.

Oh and wouldn’t it just be swell to get some

glutes that salute

5 thoughts on “Does this outfit make my butt look small?

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