Emotional Yo-Yoing: A Short Tangent

I had a weird set of reactions this week.

Coming off of a huge Tough Mudder high, just a couple of short days ago I crash landed on this emotion:

I hate everything.

No idea how this hit so fast but it did and everything irritated me. So I called on my friends for help and they came up with possible reasons for this sudden turn:

-Mudder detox. Time for a challenge or change of scenery workout wise?

-Mudder withdrawals? You’ve been talking about it for months and now it’s over and you have nothing to work towards the rest of the year?

-Are you PMSing?

-Is it because you’re close to your last 20’s birthday?

In truth, these may all be valid explanations for my sudden FML feelings (f**k my life). Perhaps it’s time I took a moment to evaluate my year and sit down for some reflection.

That FML feeling isn’t there anymore. As of today it’s been replaced with:

So you know, at least I’ve got that going for me.


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