Tough Mudder Race Recap- a delay notification

First of all, I survived! I made it through Tough Mudder intact and feeling like a complete badass. Like a new me, born out of mud and freezing water: a muddy sodden phoenix if you will.

Almost as soon as I finished, maybe even during the obstacle course I was thinking of what I’d write for my Tough Mudder Recap post. Though on it on my ride home, on my mornings headed to work so far and tonight. I’ve been working on it but as with many instances life demands my attention. I have a ton of work piled up that demands my attention so as much as I can appreciate the value of a quick post and rehash my amazing TM experience I need to take care of business. I have every intention of posting and doing so in a thorough way for my and any readers curious to get a perspective on what a first-time Mudder experience is like.

Post to follow, after the IN box is take care of.

Until next time…

Yeah, Arctic Enema felt this awful.

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