Fail Blog- Pizza Sunday and a New Weekly Challenge

pizzaI must confess, I was a bad girl yesterday. It was Oscar/Walking Dead/Talking Dead night and there was pizza and hot wings. I knew that would be there and I brought asparagus and brussels sprouts with the intention of making these the bulk of my meal, instead they were relegated to the under appreciated side dish they tend to end up as. So I ate delicious, addictively salty pizza and breaded chicken until I was way past full. It seems it hasn’t affected my weight loss too much, I didn’t lose any but I also didn’t gain any like I feared.

I’ve honestly not been all that great this past two weeks with my exercises (I skipped a couple) and although I haven’ t been eating junk food I have been snacking on lots of trail mix and sweet fruits later in the day and not drinking enough water contributing to my slow progress.

Rather than guilt myself into getting back on track I’m challenging myself with a goal this week. I don’t drink nearly enough water; I can go a day off of one 1L bottle even with my workouts and I don’t drink anything other than water. The last time I got my body fat tested I was 38% hydrated. To give a reference, a fruit like a prune is considered dehydrated when it has 33% moisture and the average person should aim to be anywhere between 45 to 70% hydrated. Clearly I am way below what is recommended especially if my goal is to lose fat and gain muscle. So this week’s challenge is to drink a gallon of water a day. I’ve tried this in the past and I went two days before I said “nope, I can’t drink another liter” and I went back to my old camel-in-the-desert habit. But I’m determined to do it, I’m curious to see how my body will react and if this changes the way I eat at all. I’m using this handy article from on how to drink a gallon of water a day to lose weight. So far I’m off to a rough start, I’m less than a liter into my day and it’s already lunchtime, I’ve got 3 more liters to go before bedtime. I can do it though. Let the challenge begin.

UPDATE: It’s 5pm, I’m finishing liter 3 and I’m already getting sick of this challenge….

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