A week of self-care is good for the body and soul

Quick update: I’ve had a good 7-10 days and I need to make sure I record it.

After taking the time to reflect on the low lull I’ve been working through and writing about it I felt some relief and found the initiative to get myself back up an on track again. It all started with that awesome Hot Buns Run 5k I ran. It was a way of reminding myself I still have strength and stamina to move. Last week I took the time to wake up early to attend boot camps and kickboxing classes at my favorite gym, Next Level Fitness, with my favorite instructors and it was like I never left; they were so good to me. The workouts are just as hard, I sweat just as much and I huff and puff more than before with my lacked conditioning; but they keep pushing me and I find myself smiling in between stations at my panting breath and aching muscles because I know I’ll feel stronger when I’m done. This week was the start of Next Level Fitness’ Fit Camp and I love being back with Iva the lead trainer there. She does a great job of motivating everyone by yelling at us to go harder and threatening us not to show up to her class if we don’t give 100% every time. Tough love and harsh truths are just more acceptable when it comes from a tiny she-hulk type like Iva.

I also took that step towards becoming a legit Zumba instructor and asked one my friends and experienced Zumba instructors to let me practice a couple of songs from my routine in his class. He was generous enough say yes and encourage me to do it again once a week in his class to get some experience. I’ve done that in two classes already and I must say- what a way to learn that I need practice! Not bad, but I need work. I’m encouraged to keep going partly because being an instructor is exciting and I know it makes me happy even when I feel I’m bombing. My fellow students were generous with their feedback and I’m happy about that. I’m thinking of opening a page on this site where anyone can give me feedback. All I need now is practice, practice, practice!

I’m taking care of the food I eat, being good, following my meal plan. Getting back in the routine of making breakfast and lunch I’ve already felt the benefits to my overall well-being.

All in all I’ve found it very therapeutic to be mindful and take the time to care for myself. Exercising has been the fastest and most effective form of therapy I’ve found so far and it stimulates the need to eat food that is fuel rather than junk.

I feel good, looking forward to my working towards my goals. Getting to the 100+ weight loss mark and training of Tough Mudder. I’ve got 3 months to train for that! YEAH TOUGH MUDDER!

Until next time.

Love yourself, love what you do, love each other.

Food and exercise

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